Porth Clais

Porth Clais

West Pembrokeshire, near St David’s, SA62 6RR

Situated about 1 ½ miles from St David’s is the picturesque harbour of Porth Clais. What it lacks in beach it makes up for in charm and there’s enough here to keep the average dog occupied. It’s easy to linger at Porthclais being that it’s a very agreeable spot to enjoy a picnic and take in the scenery. It’s also a good starting point for a coast path walk to St Justinian’s – route map, or for a gentle stroll head in the other direction to St Nons – route map.

  Dog friendly all year!

car parking  National Trust car park – SA62 6RR. Charges apply in high season

 Refreshment kiosk in high season

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